Day 62

Well my friends….it’s been two months since I started this picture taking journey.

It’s caused me to be more observant. What I’ve learned is that even when the days seem to blend together, every day is actually unique. This is important for a stay at home mom to realize.

I’ve tried not to take the same picture twice. I think I accomplished that. I’ve taken pictures of mundane moments and some more picturesque moments.

I’ve taken 930 pictures total. I’m proud of the fact I didn’t miss a day and I always took 15 pictures of 15 moments. I feel like I’ve set out what I wanted to do. I feel I completed this project.

Thanks so much to those who have been following along.

Now, here is the last day, Day 62:

9:06 AM

9:53 AM

Strange song.

10:43 AM

His name is “Shake”.

11:32 AM

Ok calm down chocolate wrapper.

12:11 PM

Me trying to figure out how much sleep I can get during this nap.

2:21 PM

2:31 PM

3:47 PM

5:45 PM

5:59 PM

My inlaws gifted us a new grill!

6 PM

7:06 PM

7:08 PM

Bye! ❤️

Day 61

9:28 AM

9:36 AM

10:24 AM

I forgot to give a shoutout to Olivia De Havilland yesterday! She’s 103 years young!

11 AM

Getting patriotic at the pool.

12:05 PM

These watercups are important and they are always by the kids’ side.

1:03 PM

My youngest trying his best at the alphabet.

3:49 PM

3:58 PM

4:08 PM

5:46 PM

7:09 PM

8:25 PM

Some of my Chatbooks

9 PM

Day 60

8:47 AM

9:17 AM

He drew a toilet and hung it on the fridge.

10 AM

She is a small loaf

4 PM

Some of my knick knacks that were on my shelf when I had a shelf. The fairy now lives outside.

5 PM

Where my shelf used to be. And some buns.

6 PM

Deconstructed chicken

7 PM

Waiting for bedtime

8 PM

He drew an alien

9 PM

This hysterical book my parents sent us in the mail…oh my. 😂Going to keep it away from the kids.

Day 59

10:15 AM

11:02 AM

12:30 PM

1:05 PM

2:54 PM

3:13 PM

5:07 PM

6:22 PM

You can’t really get a screenshot of a movie you’re streaming. But I was watching “Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland”.

7:31 PM

8:57 PM

9:30 PM

Day 57

8:10 AM

9:16 AM

Off to Family day at my husband’s work

11:16 PM

11:50 AM

12:29 PM

Suddenly…..I see waffle fries in front of me!

2:31 PM

She’s going to come to the pool with us.

2:37 PM

3:28 PM

4:11 PM

My dad!

5:39 PM

6:55 PM

7:10 PM

8 PM

9:04 PM

Day 56

9:32 AM

9:34 AM

10 AM

11:07 PM


2:24 PM

2:26 PM

2:27 PM

3:29 PM

A train going around the pediatrician office.

4:40 PM

There’s a child under here

5:15 PM

6:50 PM

Playing Settlers it Catan junior

7:13 PM

9 PM

Day 55

8:37 AM

New mug that my husband bought me.

8:52 AM

Look up the White Peacock/Crosspoint of India.

9:03 AM

Finished up watching an old Shirley Temple movie.

10 AM

11:30 AM

12 PM

I love these creatures!

1:59 PM

2:51 PM

3:11 PM

4:13 PM

Had a good time seeing Toy Story 4 today.

5:58 PM

6:05 PM

My eldest requested make your own pizza night for his birthday.

7 PM

Happy 10th Birthday!

8 PM

9 PM

Trying to translate a post card my son got in the mail from a relative.

Day 54

8:24 AM

We have so much cereal right now.

9 AM

My youngest named this guy “Juice”.

10:46 AM

11:19 AM

At the park.

12:11 AM

Got fro yo for the kids for finishing up our book we’ve been reading together (Matilda).

1:22 PM

The Frenemies!

3:53 PM

4:41 PM

Someone rolled the watermelon to the bathroom.

5:24 PM

9:20 PM

What we studied in our bible study tonight.

9:40 PM

Playing a trivia game